Why Oil Cleansing Is The Way To Wash Your Face


Using oil to cleanse your skin has been around for centuries, yet is just coming back into the limelight. Although it is the most effective way to remove makeup + impurities, it gets a bad rap because people think it will clog your pores, causing more oil and breakouts. This is a major misconception!

The right formulations of oils will not only clean your skin better than soap, but it will cause less oil production in your skin because it doesn’t feel depleted. Soap strips the skin of its natural oil barrier, telling your body to produce more. This is why you may get oil patches throughout the day, while some areas of your skin is dry and flakey. This skin confusion leads people with sensitive skin to start using acne products, which causes redness + irritation, and a big old mess. 

Skin at Peace uses only the highest grade of fractionated coconut oil, olive leaf oil, and orange essential oil. These are not the oils you find in your kitchen, but a higher quality of fractionated, (clarified) oils by heating and cooling at different temperatures to achieve the correct fatty-acid chain to be able to penetrate the skin without clogging pores. 

Wondering how to do this? It’s so simple, and enjoyable, really. You take two to three pumps and warm it up in the palms of your hands, and massage all over face, eyes, neck, and where ever else you would like. Massage into skin for about two minutes. This not only turns on your lymphatic system to encourage detoxification, but softens and removes all dirt, bacteria, and whatever else is hanging out in your pores. Then you take a damp cloth, and gently remove everything. You’ll be shocked that your skin is left completely clean, without feeling tight + dry, which is not a good thing, oily skin people! 

We encourage you to try the oil challenge for yourself. We have several testimonials of immediate results in skin calmness, clearness, and overall peace.